Male ear surgery is a good option for men who are bothered by their large or protruding ears. Unlike women, men cannot hide their ears with their hair, therefore, they are left with unproportionate ear size in relation to their head. Male ear surgery, also known as ear pinning, or ear reduction surgery, aims at repositioning the ears closer to the head, reshaping them, and making them more symmetrical.

The ideal candidate for ear surgery would be:

  • Physically healthy
  • A non-smoker
  • Someone with realistic goals
  • Someone who feels their ears are too large or stick too far away from their head
  • Someone with a congenital deformity or defects of the ear
  • Someone that has endured a traumatic injury to the ear

Otoplasty can make a dramatic improvement in both your appearance and self-confidence. Dr. Chahin will discuss with you this procedure, and what is mutually felt to be the best method of treatment to aid in achieving optimal results for you.