Overlarged breast glands can cause women to have both physical and emotional discomfort. The excess weight of pendulous breast tissue can impair a woman’s ability to lead a normal and active lifestyle. Breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size that is proportionate with your body and reshapes the remainder of the breast.

The ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery is a woman whose breast size:

  • Limits physical activity
  • Causes chronic pain in the back and shoulders
  • Contributes to poor posture with shoulder slouching “kyphosis”
  • Causes issues with healthy body image

There are various surgical techniques that are utilized for breast reduction. Such techniques include: inverted T-shaped scar with central mound reduction, the inferior pedicle technique with a similarly shaped scar, and the more modern short vertical “lollipop” scar technique. The particular suitable surgical procedure Dr. Chahin may offer you will depend on your breast shape, size, and age. Dr. Chahin will discuss with you the method of treatment he suggests to aid in achieving optimal results.