Breast Micro Fat Grafting

Breast Micro Fat Grafting Overview

Today many women are seeking to increase the size of their breasts, however, they do not wish to do so with the use of implants. Newer techniques are being utilized which enable you to accomplish this using your own fat. Fat grafting, also known as lipoinjection or fat transfer, harvests the patient’s own fat using micro lipo-aspiration techniques from areas that excess fat is stored. It is then purified “centrifused” and reinjected it into the patient where a deficit exists, creating an increased fullness in the desired area.

For women who do have breast implants, fat grafting is still an option. Fat is inserted into the breast to help create a more natural contour, and aid in making the implant less noticeable. It is also used to help hide any imperfections that might exist in the breast such as dents or dimples.

The major advantages to the use of fat grafting versus the use of implants are:

The fat comes from your own body, and therefore is more readily accepted than an implant
Harvesting the fat using liposuction/liposculpture techniques helps to contour areas with excess fat
The breast can be sculpted and shaped naturally rather than with the use of an implant
There are minimal incisions which reduces the possibility of scarring
Fat grafting to the breasts can be used to mask breast implants, and give the patient a more natural contour

The ideal candidate for fat grafting to the breast is:

  • A healthy woman
  • A woman with ample body fat
  • A woman who is considering saline or silicone implants
  • A woman with a normal mammography
  • A woman who has modest enlargement goals (one cup size)

Fat grafting procedures to the breast can be done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such a breast lift or breast reconstruction. Dr. Chahin will discuss with you these procedures, and what is mutually felt to be the best method of treatment to aid in achieving optimal results for you.

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Fat Grafting to the Breast FAQ

This procedure is used to increase volume of the breasts without use of an implant. It can be used to treat or correct congenital deformity or acquired asymmetry or deformities.

This depends on the patient. Each body is different and will respond differently to fat transfer. Breast enhancement with fat transfer requires patients to have enough fat at their donor site for a transfer. This may not be the case with very slim or muscular women. Your body mass index (BMI) must be at least 20 in order to be considered for fat grafting.

Fat cannot shape the breast in the same way that an implant does. While it provides volume, it maintains more naturally appearing breasts comparing to the upper pole fullness the implant provides.

No, drains are typically not necessary for this procedure.

You may experience swelling, bruising and soreness at the donor and recipient sites. You will need to wear compression garments on your donor sites for 2-6 weeks.

The primary disadvantage of breast augmentation with fat transfer lies in its variability. This procedure is highly technical to ensure maximum fat cell retention and revascularization (establishing new blood supply for fat cells’ viability). Donor fat cells require an adequate blood supply for survival. Approximately 70% of grafted cells will survive. If patients desire volume above 1/2 cup size, they will generally require a second fat grafting procedure one year following their initial procedure.

No, but regardless, you should notify your technician prior to any study being performed. With added expertise and technology this should not be of a concern.