Body Micro Fat Grafting/ Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation Overview

Other than the face, the other area that shows the greatest sings of aging is the hands. A loss of fatty tissue in the hands results in a wrinkling appearance, often exposing underlying veins and tendons.

Factors that contribute to premature aging of the hands include/but are not limited to:

  • Sun exposure
  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Excessive stress
  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Smoking

Fat grafting, also known as lipoinjection or fat transfer, harvests the patient’s own fat using micro lipo-aspiration techniques from areas that excess fat is stored. It is then purified “centrifused” and reinjected it into the hands, creating an increased fullness and a more youthful appearance.

Before & After Images

The ideal candidate for hand rejuvenation is:

  • Physically healthy
  • A non-smoker
  • Someone with a positive outlook and realistic goals
  • Someone with moderate wrinkling in the hands, with a prominence of the veins and tendons beginning to show through the skin

Why Choose Dr. Chahin?

Dr. Chahin prides himself in providing his patients with an environment of safety, comfort and care along with a high level of skill and expertise in the field of plastic surgery. Over 20 years of surgical experience has allowed him to build his practice in such a way that you will feel at ease and confident throughout your entire journey. Dr. Chahin strives to achieve natural looking, attractive results with a minimal recovery time and high patient satisfaction. With utilizing the most advanced, safest and least invasive techniques available in today’s sophisticated world of plastic surgery, he is specialized in providing the ultimate refinement of his skills in body contouring, facial aesthetics and breast sculpturing surgical techniques. Dr. Chahin provides his patients with an individualized plan, highlighting his exquisite attention to detail and personal touch. Through kindness, sophistication and exceptional quality of work, Dr. Chahin and his experienced team of staff members will go above and beyond to ensure their patients’ profound confidence and satisfaction.

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Every day is a special day for your patients to have you! How lucky and grateful we all are for all of your expertise and care you give to each person.”

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Final Thoughts

One advantage of fat grafting versus dermal fillers is it is the patient’s own tissue and therefore is not subjected to rejection by the body. Another advantage is most dermal fillers are absorbed by the body within three to nine months, forcing the patient to maintain a regular injection schedule as well as consistently increasing costs.

FAQ – Body Micro Fat Grafting

First, Dr. Chahin will have to harvest fat cells from your body and then prepare them for re-injection. Next, Dr. Chahin will inject the fat cells back into your body into the area you’ve selected for treatment. In some cases multiple treatments are needed to achieve the results you desire.

As we age, most of us will become good candidates for this procedure. Our hands lose volume due to factors like collagen depletion and the centralization of body fat. Hormonal and metabolic changes cause fat cells to gradually migrate from our extremities (ex. hands, feet, and face) to our abdomen. Micro fat grafting helps relocate that fat to the appropriate parts of the body which have been depleted from their natural fats. Many people focus on their face for most cosmetic surgeries and often times forget that our hands are the second most visible feature that gives away our age!

After your fat cells have been processed for injection, Dr. Chahin will place your cells in a series of small syringes with blunt cannulas to minimize trauma to the recipient area. He will then use these syringes to inject the processed fat into the desired regions of your hands.

Access points to transfer fat are practically invisible, the fat is transferred via a syringe and is injected into the desired areas. The access points in your skin will then heal seamlessly without the need for stitches and will be covered with bandages to promote healthy healing.

Like most cosmetic treatments, fat grafting is not entirely permanent, but it certainly can last for several years or longer depending on how well your body responds to the transferring of fat. Since fat cells are loosely connected to their blood supply, when fat cells are reinjected into your body they are highly likely to survive and thrive given that new blood supply is able to reach the cells in their new location.