For the second year in a row, our practice has taken part in the annual Relay for Life, located in Santa Clarita. We hosted a booth to both help  support Breast Cancer awareness, as well as, raiding funds for the American Cancer Society. We were greeted with a huge support system from previous and current patients who were affected by the disease as well as those just looking to help support the cause.

     We provided informational packets about early detection of breast cancer, and offered support to patients who are currently going through treatment. The practice raised over $2000 all of which went directly to the American Cancer Society. We look foward to this event each year as it gives the practice a chance to get out and help find a cure for a disease that we are greatly impacted by.

     Again, we would like to thank each and every one of you for coming out and showing your support to team “Save the Boobies,” and we cant wait for this time again next year.


Tuberous Breast Deformity is a congenital breast constrictive condition that presents in both male and female patients. This condition ranges from mild or moderate to severe presentation, and is generally characterized by an underdevelopment of breast tissue in association with a poorly defined inframammary fold, a narrow breast base width, and herniation of breast tissue through the nipple areolar complex resulting in larger areolar complex.

This condition is commonly treated through surgical interventions utilizing multiple surgical techniques. Such techniques may include autologous micro fat grafting as well as asymmetric breast enhancement with implants in “often times” combination with a variety of matopexy techniques breast lifting/reshaping techniques to reduce the size of the often encountered enlarged areola, reposition of the nipple location, and vertical scoring internally to the tight bands to allow the desired appealing expansion and restoration of the inferior breast silhouette.

Case: This patient is a 22 year old female who initially presented for an evaluation desiring aesthetic improvement of her breast glands bilaterally. After a thorough evaluation and physical examination, it was my opinion that she presented with congenital developmental tuberous breast deformity bilaterally. My recommendation was to bilaterally utilize a saline implant with an asymmetrical vertical mastopexy.

Surgery: Asymmetric saline breast implants were utilized in conjunction with bilateral asymmetric vertical short scar breast lift “mastopexy” and vertical scoring of the left band.

Breast Augmentation also known as mammaplasty augmentation utilizes the insertion of an implant to help improve breast symmetry, volume, and appearance. There are two types of implants used: silicone gel and saline.

Case: This patient is a 40 year old female who presented desiring aesthetic enhancement of her breasts bilaterally. After a thorough evaluation and physical examination, it was my opinion that she presented with a volume loss of her breast glands bilaterally following pregnancy and breast feeding. My recommendation was to bilaterally place partial sub-muscular, smooth wall, silicone gel implants to enhance appearance.

Surgery: Smooth wall, high profile, silicone gel implants with a fill volume of 325 cc bilaterally were utilized.