Posted January 11, 2012 in Home

Gynecomastia is a medical term used to describe an enlargement of male breast glands. There are different treatment options which can range from liposuction, to resection of the breast gland, or a combination of both. Each individual case is different, and therefore, the treatment plan should be individualized to each patient.

Case: This patient is a 53 year old male who presented with social discomfort while engaging in social events such as contact sports, swimming, as well as beach and water activities. After a thorough evaluation and physical examination, it was my opinion that he presented with an element of gynecomastia. My surgical advice was to bilaterally reduce the size of the glands using liposuction techniques to remove excess fatty tissue from the breast region.

Surgery: Approximately 425 cc of fatty tissue was removed from the left breast and 325 cc of fatty fissue was removed from the right breast utilizing liposuction techniques.