Posted October 29, 2012 in Home

With natural aging and weight fluctuation, we often experience a loss or decrease of subcutaneous fat in our face and hands, which often leave us “the individual” looking older and more tired than we in fact are. Utilizing micro fat grafting, a relatively newer technique, this lost volume can be replaced through minimally invasive surgical procedures. Micro fat grafting is a technique that is utilized to add volume into an area where a deficit occurs. It utilizes our own fat cells which are harvested through micro liposuction techniques to help restore the volume deficit. Such common areas where micro fat grafting are often used is the face, hands, breast, and buttock.

Case: This patient is a 34 year old female who presented with displeasure in the appearance of her face. The areas that the patient noticed a loss of volume included the nasolabial folds and lips. After a thorough evaluation and physical examination, I concurred that rejuvenation could be accomplished. My surgical advice was to utilize micro fat grafting techniques to add volume to the  nasolabial folds bilaterally as well as the upper lip,  and lower lip.

Surgery: I elected to use the abdomen as the donor site for the micro fat graft harvest. With the use of micro fat grafting cannulas, I reintroduced approximately 2 cc on each side in the nasolabial fold, 2 cc upper lip, 3 cc lower lip in a three dimensional fashion to maximize the contact of grafts with healthy vascularized tissue. This specific detail oriented technique will aid in a higher percentage of permanent graft retention and more natural aesthetic appearance.